Strange Times and Indulging Passions

Strange Times and Indulging Passions


Strange Times and Indulging Passions

Well these are the strangest times I have ever known! I never could have anticipated that by Easter we would all be doing our best not to go out. And wouldn’t you believe it we had the first sunny Easter weekend I can remember.


First I must give my thanks to all the key workers, NHS, food retail, Fire, Police, drivers and other essential industry personnel. Working despite the risks to keep us all healthy and well fed, thank you.

We of course have shut our doors temporarily in line with advice, which leaves me with much more time on my hands and an opportunity to indulge my passion; music. I am improving my playing skills certainly with more time to practice but I am also setting much more time aside to listen to music. Not just as background but as a focused activity and this has reinforced something I have often mentioned. That high performance, in car audio can be so much better than home wifi for a fraction of the price.


Now don’t get me wrong, true high end audio in home is a wonderful thing. With perfectly placed speakers, fully linear amplifiers and accurate source units the experience is sublime, an experience not to be missed.


But the price for this can be at least 5 figures and of course there are the redecoration costs as you make sure your room is acoustically neutral. Then there are all the distractions, people in other rooms, pets demanding attention etc. etc., wouldn’t it be nice if this experience could be contained in your own personal space? You already have it!

A Truly Emotional Experience

The modern car is a quiet, comfortable and safe space. Granted they can be a challenge acoustically but there are plenty of solutions for that and we are very experienced at Car and Home Stereo at getting the best sound from every installation.


Of course I could talk about the details and technical specification of the equipment, how we install it, why we choose certain pieces of equipment and recommend others but that doesn’t explain what is really the whole point of doing it; the end result. The equipment is important but it is more important that the parts are combined selectively to make it sound the way you want it.

My thoughts...

For me music is a truly emotional experience, one that can enhance my mood and carry me away, weaving stories and narratives that no book or film ever could. I honestly think this applies to everyone but sadly not too many people have had the opportunity to experience a truly excellent audio system. Well I am here to give you that experience.


What I want to achieve is a fully immersive sound in your car, one that surrounds you and presents the music in such a way that you cannot tell where the speakers are situated. One where every instrument is played without colour or distortion, to be played the way the artist intended. When that is done music is exciting, engaging and effortless to listen to. You find yourself searching out other types of music to broaden your listening experience, music you might never have considered before you had something excellent to play it on. Familiar pieces will be re energised as you hear parts you never even knew existed. Old favourites will transport you back to the excitement you felt the first time you heard them and live recordings will put you right there in the venue.


Our experience...

We have all the experience and expertise to achieve this for you and the best part is that it doesn’t need to cost the earth. I’m not going to pretend you can do this cheaply, after all that is what the standard car audio systems are and we all know how bad they sound. Compared to a great home audio system it will be astonishing value for money.


Our installation skills have been honed over 30 years always seeking out the latest techniques and equipment. My musical training allows me to tune the systems accurately. Not only for the technically correct settings but also to exactly how you want it as I believe everyone has a personal preference that is just as important.


As I write this I can’t be sure how long we will need to be closed, hopefully not too long so we can get back to doing what we love; creating exciting musical experiences for everyone. Meantime, I can still be reached by phone on 01625 432707 or 07971 928881 so please feel free to call me to start planning your journey to better sound.


Stay safe everybody and we will see you when this has blown over.


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