Double Din Defender Overview

Double Din Defender Overview

Land Rover History

The Land Rover Defender is arguably the most iconic and recognised 4×4 in the world. Designed in the 1940s the original 90 and 110 were to become legends. The last iteration of the Defender (Puma series) is no different and their popularity has never been higher despite the fact that it is no longer in production. It is a testament to the design that it is said that 70% of the two million plus Land Rovers ever made are still in use today.

Of course the modern car is much more luxurious than the original but the basic layout of the interior has retained the utilitarian style of old and few concessions have been made for the audio. In the standard format there is provision for a single Din radio in the dash console while the standard speaker system comprises a pair of 4 inch speakers in the rear, a pair of 4 inch speakers under the main dashboard and a pair of tweeters on top.

Speaker Performance and Modern Features

The performance of the standard speakers is very average and we change a lot of these as a simple but very effective way to improve the sound quality. We commonly fit a mixture of Focal, Audison and JL Audio speakers and often add an amplifier to really upgrade the audio performance.

However what do you do if you want more modern features like Apple Car Play and Android Auto so you can use your smartphone features and navigation? These require a screen, typically 7 inch.

One solution is a single din unit with a fold out screen like the brilliant Pioneer 7200dab.

Pioneer 7200dab

I install a lot of these to Defenders as I have found them to be robust enough to cope with the rigours of the sometimes bumpy ride. They work extremely well and give you Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Bluetooth, DAB radio and more as well as having provision for a reversing camera which is a very welcome addition to the Defender. The only drawback is that the screen covers some of the vehicle switches when extended; the advantage is that no modification to the dash is required.

However it is quite common for a customer to prefer a true double din size screen that fits flush with the dash so that means a conversion. That in itself presents no problem to us but it is true to say that the Defender dash was never meant for this and there is precious little space behind the radio to add a large unit. This requires considerable modification ‘behind the scenes’ to make these fit and I have repaired plenty of DIY conversions that are a poor fit with large gaps around the fascia.

We now have a new solution that is absolutely perfect; the new Pioneer SPH EVO62 DAB.

Pioneer SPH EVO62 DAB

This unit features a full 7 inch capacitive touch screen along with Apple Car Play, Android Auto, DAB and FM/AM radio. There is no CD or DVD player but videos can be mirrored from your smart phone. Nothing unusual there but the real beauty for me as an installer is the fact that the remote main unit is single din size making locating it so much simpler and therefore cheaper to my customers as less time is spent trying to locate a bulky unit. The fact that this is a Pioneer and therefore one of the best sounding, best looking and simplest to use is the icing on the cake.

As you can see the new fascia fits perfectly with no unsightly gaps and we even colour coded this one to match the vehicle.

This is just one of the many upgrades we carry out to the Land Rover Defender, if you would like to know more about how we can enhance your vehicle please call us on 01625 432707 or better still pop into our shop on Sunderland Street in Macclesfield.


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