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Subwoofers Installation

Whether you listen to Dubstep or Classical music, a vast amount of musical information is in what is known as the subwoofer frequencies. In reality, these are not subsonic but are between 40 and 120 Hz. 


Most full-range speakers in everyday cars cannot play these sounds without distortion. The easy answer would be to turn the bass down, but you will probably not enjoy your music as much. 


Our recommended solution is to fit a subwoofer – every system sounds better with one, and it doesn’t need to take over your boot space. We offer custom solutions for every car and can fit the sound system that suits your needs. 

Navigation Installation

Over the last 10 years, satellite navigation systems (or sat-navs) have become a part of everyday life; whether built into your car as standard, an obtrusive sucker mounted unit or on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, a lot of these devices have not performed well, sending people the wrong way and constantly losing signal. This is a consequence of poor mapping and cheap hardware. 


At Car and Home Stereo we supply and install Pioneer and Alpine sat nav systems. These two manufacturers have consistently produced the best products and their latest generations are quite simply stunning. 


We provide a wide selection of fitted solutions to suit any vehicle. Even if it looks impossible, we may well have a custom-designed fitting kit to blend seamlessly with your car interior. In fact, we have one of the widest selections of fitting kits available today. 

Radio Installation

Digital TV has transformed our viewing, and now digital radio or DAB can do the same for radio. DAB and now DAB+ tuners offer many more channels and crystal clear sound, as well as ease of use and clear information display.


FM will continue to be broadcast for some time, but there will be a switch over to DAB at some point. However, if you enjoy stations on MW and LW, then DAB+ will improve your listening experience dramatically.

Parking Systems

Reverse safety systems are becoming much more common in many vehicles as standard. They provide an audible warning of any obstruction behind your vehicle, while reverse cameras can show you what you can’t see in the rear-view mirrors.


We can install bumper-mounted reverse sensors in most vehicles. We use both two and four sensor systems, but we would usually recommend four for optimum coverage. The sensor heads can be colour coded to your vehicle if required.


As soon as reverse is engaged, the system arms and a series of beeps indicate how close you are to an obstruction. While reversing, the beeping increases until a constant tone indicates that you’re within 30 centimetres of a surface. In addition, we can also fit an optional visual display on the dashboard.


Sensor heads may also be fitted to the front of the vehicle to aid parking manoeuvres. 

Accident Witness Camera

In the UK, it’s estimated that there are over 30,000 fraudulent insurance claims annually, along with a significant rise in the so-called crash for cash incidents. Unfortunately, road rage and violence against public service drivers are now all too common.


The Novus view-I Ruby accident witness camera is a solution to these issues. While discreetly mounted in the front windscreen, it continuously records both the inside and the outside of the vehicle. The HD video camera is equipped with a GPS sensor and will keep a complete log of your journey: there is even a ‘G’ sensor to detect if the vehicle is involved in any sudden impact. High-definition video is recorded straight to an SD card along with all positional information.


The included software is very comprehensive and easy to use. The system is fully approved for use in private hire vehicles and many insurance companies offer a discount where one is fitted. 


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Dave Oosthuizen

Great place and he knows his stuff. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I had 2 xfire amps at a great price after being messed around by others, went here and he helped me out straight away. Get yourself here and get an install done.

Peter Baker

Tim is a true expert in his field of car audio and his experience shows, and his is also a very friendly personality. My own fitting had many issues not of his making, but he cheerfully fixed them and didn't charge extra. Highly recommended.