Audi TT: Audio Upgrade

Audi TT: Audio Upgrade BACKSTORY Audi TT: Audio Upgrade The latest Mk3 Audi TT is packed with technology and has a very sophisticated infotainment system installed as standard (it desperately needs better speakers but that’s another story). But what of the Mk2 TT? Still a great car; but the old Chorus, Concert and RNS-E navigation… Continue reading Audi TT: Audio Upgrade

Improving the BMW audio

Improving your BMW audio About About the Project We have had a lot of calls recently from owners of newer BMW 1, 3 and 5 series vehicles complaining about the very poor sound quality of the factory audio system; even those with the Harman Kardon upgrade option. Some have described it as the worst sounding… Continue reading Improving the BMW audio

BMW 1 Series: Digital Audio

Digital Audio: BMW 1 Series BACKSTORY Back in the day.. used to be so easy if we wanted a better sound in our car. Change the factory fitted radio, upgrade the speakers and maybe add an amplifier and sub. I can’t remember how many of these Audi A3s I’ve done over the years, it must… Continue reading BMW 1 Series: Digital Audio

Porsche Boxster Audio Upgrade

Porsche Boxster Audio Upgrade The Porsche Boxster S is a superb car which offers exciting top-down performance with practical everyday driving capability.   Unfortunately, the audio performance leaves an awful lot to be desired especially the base version that is only equipped with dash speakers.     The biggest challenge, of course, is the convertible… Continue reading Porsche Boxster Audio Upgrade

Looking at Volkswagen systems

Looking at Volkswagen systems I am often asked what system I would recommend for a certain type of car. My answer is usually that it depends on the type of sound and performance you are after. That is certainly true but there are some constants and I think it will be useful to discuss these… Continue reading Looking at Volkswagen systems

Range Rover Recovery

Range Rover Recovery The Range Rover Vogue or L322 as it’s known. A British classic with world beating all terrain capability that will take you anywhere in leather trimmed luxury.     Now anyone who has owned one of these will know that there are a few niggles with this vehicle and one of the… Continue reading Range Rover Recovery

Campervans: Upgrades and Audio Systems

Campervans: Upgrades and Audio Systems Day vans, campervans, motorhomes; whatever you call them, they have never been so popular. Two of the most familiar conversions are the Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer / Citroen Relay and the evergreen VW Transporter. Whatever you drive, at Car and Home Stereo we have a vast range of products… Continue reading Campervans: Upgrades and Audio Systems

Upgrading the Defender

Upgrading the Defender The Land Rover Defender is a true British classic design. Although, now sadly out of production, the longevity of the Defender means that they will be on (and off) our roads for a great many years to come. It’s design hasn’t changed much in its 70 years and, despite continuous improvements to… Continue reading Upgrading the Defender