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What We Do at Car and Home Stereo

I was asked the other day how long I had been installing car audio at Car and Home Stereo. A common question (the answer is over 30 years). What surprised me was their reaction to the question of whether I still enjoyed it; they couldn’t believe I still loved my job. So let’s talk about what we do, why we do it and why I really do love it.

Anyone who knows me will know of my passion for music and sound almost equaled by my enthusiasm for technology. As a working musician, I always strive for the best sound I can achieve, one that allows me to be heard but just as importantly blends with the rest of the band. This translates well into audio installation and particularly the tuning of a system where all the parts need to blend to produce a perfect sound stage exactly where I want it.

Car audio means different things to different people of course. For some, it is just a CD or MP3 player with a radio and maybe Bluetooth, merely a companion for the journey to work and back. Whereas for others, it is a chance to install and use some serious technology like Apple Car Play or Android Auto, satellite navigation or even sophisticated computer systems. For these customers, it is usually just hardware installation, maybe with better speakers but not a lot more. However for some, the car is the place where they can really enjoy their music and for these people, we have some of the best solutions in the world.


Products like the Rainbow Profi range are simply exceptional. These speakers have a level of detail that can take your breath away. We recently installed a set in a Mercedes CLS, the amplifier powering them was the stunning Audison Voce Quattro. From the very first note played you could tell you were in the presence of something special with a clarity and detail that was amazing.

Another recent exceptional installation was in a Nissan GTR. The front speakers for this were the Focal Utopia Beryllium components and this time powered by the Audison Thesis amplifiers.


An interesting challenge in the GTR was the customer’s request that sufficient boot space was left for golf clubs! Now the Nissan’s boot is not large to start with and as you can see those amplifiers are not small plus we had to install a JL Audio 10w6 sub! The sub box design was complex but the results speak for themselves.

We do like a challenge at Car and Home Stereo and when we had to install a mind blowing system to a Porsche 997 which incorporated two Audison Voce amplifiers we had to think hard about location. In the end, we came up with a neat design that retained the majority of the bonnet space.

car and home stereo custom fitting bonnet space

Sometimes stealth is the priority. Many customers want everything hidden from view but accessible as required. We often install processors that allow the user to access audio equalisation pre-sets or allow remote bass level control and we will often hide these behind original panels like the ash tray.


We work really hard to ensure the best equipment for the job is installed to the highest standard which always means a lot of hidden details like cables loomed with cloth tape, all soldered joints, separated audio and power cables, custom made wooden speaker collars, sound deadening and best quality audio cables. Sometimes I think my best work is hidden! However, there always comes the moment when the owner gets to listen for the first time. This is when you realise all that attention to detail was worth it when you see the smile on their face. We always try to exceed expectations at Car and Home Stereo and provide the best value for money whether you spend £100 or £10,000.

I suppose that sums up why I still really enjoy this job after so many years.

It’s the job satisfaction knowing that I have improved somebody’s life by providing a high-quality audio system that will give years of pleasure and, who knows, reduced their stress levels while driving.

If you would like to know more about how we can improve the audio in your life please give Tim a call on 01625 432707 or better still call into the shop on Sunderland Street in Macclesfield.

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