New car audio products from Pioneer, JL Audio & more

Recently, newly released products in car audio have been really exciting. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me how innovative our industry is and how we manage to stay ten steps ahead of the car manufacturers. In this blog, we will look at some of our favourite products that are new this autumn/winter.

Pioneer multimedia units:

First up is the new range of multimedia navigation units from Pioneer.

As you would expect from Pioneer, this new range boasts the usual array of high-end features. This includes stunning screen and graphics, superb navigation, DVD/CD, Bluetooth, dual USB, DAB and FM/AM radio. However, on top of this, they now feature the very first fully wireless Apple Car Play.

Equipped with a wifi chip, the new AVIC range from Pioneer means that gone are the days of fumbling for your frayed and unreliable connector. Your iPhone will automatically sync with your in-car entertainment system when you get in. Music can now be streamed via wifi for superior sound compared to Bluetooth. Your iPhone stays safely in your pocket while Eyes Free Siri can control all aspects of the Car Play features. Driving just got a great deal safer! These systems can start from as little as £750 fitted, an absolutely amazing price considering the sophistication of these units.

Alpine in-car entertainment:

Another absolutely stunning new arrival is from Alpine electronics, the iLX F903D Halo 9.


Alpines reputation for amazing vehicle specific head units is rapidly growing. Along with this, they have been the leaders of in-car entertainment for decades.

The Halo 9 is something really special. This has to be seen to be appreciated as no picture can do justice to the simply gorgeous 9-inch touchscreen. The 903 is equipped with Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, DAB radio, FM/AM tuner, HDMI input and a host of AV inputs for parking cameras and accessories.

These units have been especially popular with VW Transporter owners and we have a bespoke installation kit for the T5/T6 which allows retention of all steering wheel controls as well as parking visualisations. Once connected to your smartphone you can use a selection of navigation apps including; Waze, Google maps and Apple maps, all your stored music is available as well as various streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music. This device will read out texts, allow you to dictate replies, use WhatsApp and of course make and receive hands-free calls. All this is displayed on the huge, clear display and the fully glass capacitive screen is a joy to use.

This unit would grace any car but can even be fitted where previously a conventional double Din unit was prohibited because of the dash design. We have them in stock and ready to fit.

JL Audio Amplifier:

Moving away from head units we are now installing the new JL Audio VXi range of amplifiers.

These are extremely compact with spectacular power output and are everything you would expect from JL Audio. The icing on the cake is that the VXi amplifiers also contain a full TwK Digital Signal Processor.

Coupled with the powerful TuN software these amplifiers offer unmatched precision and power. JL Audio is relatively late to the whole DSP movement. However, this is because they have been developing a product designed to be the best and this shows in the huge suite of controls and level of sophistication available. In no way is this product for the enthusiastic amateur but in the right hands, it allows absolute control and the ability to fine-tune a car audio system to perfection.

Audison Speaker:

One of the leaders in car speaker technology has to be Audison, their Voce range is one of my all-time favourites and I use their Prima range as my ‘go to’ speaker if I am upgrading a standard audio system. Their latest offerings are sure to be massively popular as they are custom sets for BMW and Mini.

We all know the BMW sound system is awful and there are plenty of custom options to supposedly ‘upgrade’ the sound, unfortunately, some of them are little better than the original. So I am very pleased to see the Prima BMW kit from Audison.

Like other manufacturers, these are designed as a perfect fit to the BMW and Mini but these are engineered to a whole new level. Audison has created a main driver with more excursion for the best possible mid-bass performance while the tweeter has a beautifully smooth response to blend seamlessly with the mid. Yes, they cost a little more than some but the performance benefits are more than worth it.

We at Car and Home Stereo are always looking for the finest products; so that we can supply the best possible experience at any budget. After all, whether you spend £100 or £10,000 you want the best value for money and that is what we strive to provide; the best products with the best service.

If you would like to know more about our products and services for car and home audio please call us on 01625 432707 or 07971 928881, email or pop in for a chat and a coffee at our shop on Sunderland Street, Macclesfield. We hope to see you soon.



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  1. Hi Tim,can you give me a price and spec for a Pioneer double din unit to replace my Audi system in a 2010 A3 which has Bose.
    Very pleased with the Pioneer single unit and amp/speakers you installed in my VW camper.
    Not looking to spend much more than around £600

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