Parking Systems

Reverse safety systems are becoming much more common in many vehicles as standard. Reverse sensors provide an audible warning of any obstruction behind your vehicle, while reverse cameras can show you what you can’t see in the rear view mirrors.

We can install bumper mounted reverse sensors to most vehicles. We use both two and four sensor systems, but we would usually recommend the four head for optimum coverage. The sensor heads can be colour coded to your vehicle if required.

As soon as reverse is engaged, the system arms and a series of beeps indicate how close you are to an obstruction. As you reverse, the beeping frequency increases until a constant tone indicates that you are within 30 centimeters of a surface. To enhance safety there is an optional visual display that can be fitted on the dashboard, which gives a clear indication of distance to an obstruction.

Sensor heads may also be fitted to the front of the vehicle to aid parking manoeuvres.